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Welcome everyone to the Home Of The SunWolves. We are a multi-platform gaming community that has opportunities for everyone from learning clan experience and game experience, to a continuous promotion loop and of course tons of fun!


maybe you like to just meet people.  maybe you like to play A LOT!  maybe you just want to join because you can.  as long as you interact with other members of the clan then i think you will be fine for the sunwolves.  be active on the site a little bit.  put a post up or something.  shout out things.  send messages.   tell jokes or stories.  write in the forums.  plan events.  do whatever.  the sunwolves are a pack and once youre excepted into the pack we got your back.  check out the site for yourself and talk to some people.  see what you can do.  find out more at  for answers to questions you have ask anyone on the site. 


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I used to be a member anyone still online that has the old minecraft server it's been to long.

Hello Primary 

If you would like to create a  new thread and Post to find members I encourage it.



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Stay safe have fun. GAME HARD just not too hard :) ಠ益ಠ