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I figured this would make a good discussion on this otherwise dead forum, as it's fairly large news. On top of the information listed below, I've been hearing rumors of a Beatles export to RB3, which will be great news for people like me who CAN'T STAND THE BACKGROUNDS IN BEATLES, and prefer the engine of RB3 much more than TB:RB. I'm sure that will be confirmed within the new few weeks at latest, so don't be surprised if that happens. After all, The Beatles manual DOES have a code on the back, you'd certainly think that was there for a reason.


Anyway, here you go, the post on




Hey Rock Band fans! Though we’re making a lot of noise this week with the announcement of Dance Central 2 at E3, we haven’t forgotten about you. As promised, we have tons of great new music coming to Rock Band over the next couple months. If dancin’ isn’t your thing, no need to worry: we’ve still got you covered.

Coming soon

AVENGED SEVENFOLD! You guys asked for it, and we have more Avenged Sevenfold coming to Rock Band – one song from their latest album Nightmare, and one classic fan-favorite A7X track.

Poison! You demanded more hair metal, and here it is! Get out your hairspray and eye liner because we have a most excellent three-pack of hits on the way from the ‘80s band.

System of a Down! Two of the most often requested tracks from the metal band will finally be coming to the Rock Band Music Store, and one of those two songs will feature their first Pro Guitar/Bass upgrade available for RB3!

Soundgarden returns to Rock Band! An unstoppable six-pack of classic songs from the seminal grunge band will be coming your way, with most featuring Pro Guitar upgrades.

And that’s just a sample of some of the music that will be available this summer! There are even more tracks from some of your favorite bands on their way, so stay tuned to, follow @RockBand on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook to make sure you’re up to date with all the latest DLC news!



Opinions? I was a little underwhelmed by the news, tbh. I really can't stand A7X other than Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot, and Afterlife. Nightmare is an okay song, but other than that, I really don't want to play their stuff.


Poison? I anticipate Every Rose Has its Thorn, maybe Talk Dirty to Me, Unskinny Bop, or Nothin' But a Good Time. Don't care about them either way.


System of a Down may be the interesting one, even though I really don't listen to them. There are a wide variety of songs that could be brought in to Rock Band, perhaps Aerials, Sugar, or a few other options. I'm thinking Aerials is the most likely of any of their songs to be in, but this could have a lot of choices.


Soungarden? Saw that coming from a mile away after GH went down the tube. I expect Spoonman and Black Hole Sun to be re-charted, perhaps with pro upgrades, but I'm not sure what other songs will be featured.


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Better get "My Wave" from Soundgarden. Other than that, I'm not interested in anything else they talked about.

Also: who are these supposed people demanding for more avenged sevenfold and hair metal? I need names, and preferably street addresses.

Am I really supposed to be excited about this announcement?  If this is the best stuff they feel they need to boast about coming soon, I am worried about what they are not announcing.  I was really hoping for an 80's synth spin off game that would be more keyboard based that we could end up exporting to RB3 but I am not surprised that they stopped doing that due to lack of sales with Green Day.

Some more System is always good, but why just two songs???

I will be happy when they release some good music.

Poison! Weeeeeeeeee

Also if the Black Hole Sun on my hard drive doesn't...unblock itself. I will become annoyed. Also Rusty Cage plz

[quote user="Vote4Pedro2Day"]

Some more System is always good, but why just two songs???

[/quote]So they can have more space for poison and avenged sevenfold, obviously.


I'd like more tracks from Vulgar Display of Power. It was kind of a bummer that "A New Level" got left out! Lots of other fun stuff from that ablum too.

I'd also like some Helmet or Jawbreaker (Dear You album) but I'm not holding my breath.

And, of course, Led Zeppelin.

wow thats horrible.

One band we already have like 3 packs for, one band that is highly requested and they are only giving 2 songs, one band that was leaked weeks ago, and one band that 2 of the 6 songs are ones we already have.

all in all i think this might be the beginning of the end for RB if this is there big summer DLC

perhaps you would like it if there was no songs from soad being released or they didnt give us soundgarden back? You sound like a brat. Anyway i wonder if since they went after soundgarden they can get some chili pepppers and metallica songs going again.

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