Summer Arcade

So if you were in the from dust topic you could see that you can get the game early following a link in that topic. Funny thing is that if you replace the url with different arcade titles you can do the same thing. So even though im not really interested in these games ill pass this along. 

Insainely twisted shadow plant

just found out the fruit ninja kinect one doesnt work but hopefully someone will enjoy this.


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Haha nice find.

Yet another MS Employee Fail haha

Thanks for the info!

No problem, not my type of game but others will like it. Im guessing this will work for all the summer arcade games once the reviewers can get them. So i bet people can get fruit ninja kinect pretty soon

It doesn't work for me.  But I don't care about the other Summer Arcade games.  You know the world of gaming sucks when the arcade titles aren't even that good...