suicide bombing

Ok this ones called "To the moon!" ..take a four man squad at Harvist day make sure all squad members have C-4 , create a small hole in the ground with the C-4, then everyone " not the guy takeing the ride" fills the back side of the hole with C-4 then take a four wheeler and park it  over the hole with the back end of the 4-wheeler resting over the C-4 but not too far back make sure its back end is whats going to get the blast, when the guy who did not put C-4 in the hole gets ready on the ATV, blow up the C-4 he/she should fly at least half way across the map and if he/she is good enough at this they can deploy there shoot and suprise any enemy in that vacinity I was able to do this several times with minimum trial and error and able to take out a tank on the first run and at least 5 enemies the second time they were a bit stunned at someone parachuteing in on top of them.



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Guess you've not been playing this gamg much, or been in here much ?

AT-mines will give you a better liftoff