Suggestions for the Improvement of the Xbox Killer Instinct Forums

Please post suggestions that can be added to these forums to help accommodate everyone's needs.

  • An easier quoting feature to quote other people's posts in their respective forums
  • Personally, I don't understand the need to go to the sub-forum and then go to Killer Instinct again. Is there a reason why this is implemented?
    • Example - Click on General Discussion -> Killer Instinct -> threads
  • Specific sub-forums, such as Characters, should have the ability to have posts in that forum. We would like to talk about the other potential characters that could be added

Please post your suggestions on making this forum a better experience for others to traverse and better for everyone overall.


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I would like to know why Xbox one games played don't show up on our avatar\gamertag? Kinda wierd not seeing Killer Instinct or titanfall in one of those slots.


Global New Posts

Karma system

Increase load speed of pages

Ability to look at posts/threads made by a member

Better mod tools(I've seen a few complaints that things aren't easy for them)

Thread subscriptions options.

If I think of more I'll post them.

-Privilege to edit one's post at any given time. At least a day's window.

-An ACTUAL working mobile version. Click mobile at the bottom, but I still have to use full desktop version.

-gif signatures

-More tools (as aforementioned) such as acutal polls

-All things posted before

A great thread idea that needs some attention. I'm going to sticky this so more can see and leave their feedback. I'll come up w/ a list myself and post it too.

A dedicated video forum for Killer Instinct. Have sub forums for

  • Informative Videos (Tips, Tricks, Tutorials)
  • Gameplay videos
  • Critiquing videos 

Tournament Forum:

  • Information on specific upcoming major tournaments

Would like to see a private messaging system

Quoting system

Ability to edit posts/thread

standard forum look/feel (for easier navigation)

Id like them to be a whole seperate forum altogether, these changes listed are all great, but the way its set up right now, I dont see any of these things happening unless they gave the entire xbox forums a complete overhaul...

Maybe Iron Galaxy will be able to start one on their site similar to DH.

Keeps the suggestions coming though!

IMO its waste of time to post suggestions here...  this forum is just a incredible uncomfortable place...  it looks cold and sterile and its a pain to get to KI when u start to navigate from the mainpage...  loading times are also crap.

I will switch as soon as possible to a better ( official ) forum

The xbox forums overall need an upgrade, and have for a few years now. The KI forums on this site will be no different.

There really isn't anything we can do atm, until IG gets their page/forums up. Right?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.