Suggestions for Ryse and TitanFall

Ryse and TitanFall are both great games but I have a suggestion that applies to both games. I think both developers should put in a bot mode that players can play against bots at different levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard etc, much the same game mode in Call of Duty Ghosts, a game mode that does NOT require an internet connection or xbox live.


This is a great way to give gamers a way to practice for online and also gives the gamer a way to play an online simulation that gives the gamer an online experience without actually having to be connected to xbox live or the internet.


The idea can easily be put into an update for each game. I plan on making the suggestion to each developer on their official site forums. It makes the games feel more expansive and full experience for the gamer, especially titanfall because its online only, but with a bot mode that can be played offline it would be better because gamers could still play if their internet service is down or if their xbox live expires for awhile etc


I dont expect replies, this post is really for the people here at Microsoft and possibly the developers of the games to see.


I also hope this idea is put in all future games that are either online only or have a multiplayer that normally cant be played unless played on xbox live.


Great practice, full game experience



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You already have everything you want except for offline play.

"Ryse: Son Of Rome" only needs to be online for the Co-op.

If you want to practice then play the Single Player Campaign.

"Titanfall" is an online only game but it does have the Training Mode to allow you to practice a little bit.

With the improved matchmaking that they've got, even if you're not a very good player you'll be paired with people equally less skilled after a few matches.

Additionally, the way the game is laid out, as you play through the game you'll be introduced to all sorts of different weapons and load outs that you'll soon become proficient with.

Also as you rise in generation rank (i.e. hit level 50 and re-start in the next generation) there are different challenges for you to achieve to hit the next generation.

For G3 I had to master the Evo Shotgun and let me tell you buddy, you might be level 1 and I'm level 50, if we spot each other accross the map and point and shoot at each other I'm the guy dying 100% of the time.

Your ideas sound like they'd be great for your own personal preference but they're not really unique or even necessary.