Suggestions for forums

I have a few suggestions for the forums that I'd like to get out there.

  1. They really need to make hyper linking easier. Typing in the <a href=".... no longer works and I still haven't been able to figure out how to title links.
  2. They need to implement a quote button next to someone's comment. Took me forever to figure out you had to go to rich formatting to quote.
  3. Add a button on the bottom of thread pages that brings you back to the original forum. They had this on the old forums and it was very convienent.
  4. Take out all of the "subscibe to this forum/favourite this forum" crap. Clutters up the page and seems a bit useless to me.
  5. Tint/use a lighter shade of font for the forums where your post is the most recent against the ones where others have more recent posts.
  6. Add a forum directory instead of that drop down menu with the most popular forums.

Just a few. Add others or suggest changes to the current ones as you see fit.


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Did you mean to post your thread here?

Makes sense. My bad.