Suggestions for builds that use cross-class combos?

I've only just started a mage play, and reached level 6.  I see a lot of talk about how this game makes use of additional damage by combining special attacks from different classes.  I'm assuming this is similar in nature to the way you could detonate biotic attacks, etc, in Mass Effect 2.  Has anyone done much of this?  Just wondering which party members make good, balanced units with this purpose in mind...


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All three classes are required to best utilize the cross-class combo (ccc).

The warrior can STAGGER enemies, the rogue can DISORIENT them, and the mage makes them BRITTLE.

Each of the other two classes can exploit this status.  It doesn't matter class you go with, you just need one of each in your party to maximize its use.

For instance: a warrior can STAGGER an enemy with Shield Bash.  Then a mage can exploit it with Chain Lightning or a rogue can exploit it with Explosive Strike.  Each class can exploit the two status effects that it doesn't initiate.

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