Suggestion for digital downloads...

Not sure if this has been suggested before, or discussed by Microsoft but here it goes.

Why can't they bring out a new system for digitally downloading games. Where if I don't like a game I could trade it in for Microsoft currency. The main reason most people prefer to have a disc is so they can trade it in when they finish or decide they don't like a game.

So why not create a new system where if you want to trade in a game you have purchased digitally and you decide you no longer want it, they can simply remove it from your purchase history meaning you would have to buy it again to redownload it, even if they only give you a fraction of the price of a regular trade it it would still be a far better system. 

I have about 10 games I've bought digitally and most I don't play anymore, seems like wasted money and makes me consider buying discs in future. Also I know a lot of people who have said they would switch from buying discs to digital if a system like this was put into place.

Anyone know if this has been suggested before, or if Microsoft has ever commented on a system like this?


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Any suggestions should be made on the Uservoice website.  That's where Xbox takes their feedback from. 

It would be nice to be able to trade them back in for a little credit, but since you can't I only buy digital when the deal is too hard to pass up. I just bought Dragon Age Inquisition for €20.00 so when I'm finished I'll delete it and not worry. If I spent €60.00 then that would be a different story.

I found a digital code for assassins Creed Unity and DLC for €9.00. If you shop around it pays off.


If there was an option to give games back for nothing I would do it. lol So next to the game's rating on the store, and the number of ratings, we could have a number for how many people gave up their license because the game was just that cack.

I would do it for Beyond Eyes. That game is truly terrible IMO. {XD

[quote user="Argontheos"]I would do it for Beyond Eyes. That game is truly terrible IMO. {XD[/quote]

You mean that you don't like blindly (pun intended) walking around revealing the environment?

What I think would be a more practical idea than a trade-in would be a digital rental service, similar to what you get with Xbox video.  Pay a few dollars to to play a game for a few hours, then lose access to it. 

How do you rate games by the way?


You can rate games on the store. When you select a game the rating option is near the description.

It's a bad system though. People can rate games they don't own, and anyone can rate games at any time. So if you look at like, Halo 5, it's rating is sitting at four and half stars with just under 5000 ratings. Odd given the game ain't out yet.

Half the popular franchises get thousands of ratings before anyone has even touched them. lol Fallout 4 has 14000 ratings and is a five star game! It must be epic! Ha ha.