Sudden Online match freeze

I have been playing FIFA 11 HvH Quick-ranked matches for not too long now, and I noticed something. In about 4 of the games I have been playing in and winnig, suddenly the game seems to freeze up. After I wait a few minutes for it to get back on, it doesn't so I just restart the whole game. I used to put it down to glitches or connection problems until I run across this forum post that said some people can actually freeze the game, and then it's a battle to see who quits first. Is this true? If so is there anyway I can totally avoid people who do this, and in general people who quit when they are losing? Any insight very much appreciated.


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Sometimes this happens and there nothing you can do about it.  Generally there is an issue with 1 of the people u are playing with or against.  When they leave the game usually restarts.  But u dont know for sure if someone is doing this on purpose.  Crappy service from EA if you ask me.