sudden & unexpexcted freezing; in MP?

since this went free for gold, it had been working fine.


idk what has happened, but very recently (the past two nights, specifically) i've experienced freezing, right smack dab in the middle of coop terrorist hunts.


it happened once in border town, & again on calypso casino maps. there's like lag with the hosts' machine gun fire (repeating in the speakers, ad nauseam ) then the rumble vibration & the screen locks up, have to hard reset the xbox 360.


don't know if its just my hard drive being stuffed with all these games now. maybe i'll try deleting some crap & removing / replacing the hard drive.


anyone else getting this, is it just a matter of some people having the update, & others not electing to install it, creating a conflict, type of thing?


bad hosting internet connection? I meticulously go out of my way to choose hosts that have the 3 green dots for ping.


none of my other games freeze & it doesn't freeze offline at all, makes me wonder if it does have something to do with lag.


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