I have been trying all day to get Mahjong to load and open on my computer. None of the suggestions work.  SUCKS! SUCKS!  

Interesting how at the end of the month the game can't load.  I think it's on purpose!



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Hello ErieRanchGirl,

The game is working fine for other players so there must be something specific to your system that is causing the problem.  If you haven't already, let's make certain that there isn't any corruption to the game's files.  Uninstall the game and then select "Restart" from the Shutdown menu.  Once you're system has restarted, press the Windows Key+R and type wsreset.exe in the dialog box that opens.  Press Ok and once this program has finished, open the Windows Store app and reinstall the game.


I have tried the option below three times over the past two days. and nothing. I click on the game tile and it opens and then goes right back to the start screen.But never starts.  I have tried numerous options. No updates in the store. Updated my graphics card.

I received a new computer last week, which is when the games won't open. What's odd, is that Taptiles opens, no problems. Why won't Mahjong open?

I have done all these suggestions and other suggestions and nothing.

I would sure like an option and I'm really bummed I couldn't get a gold achievement because of this.

As much as I hate to do this, at this point you'll need to contact the experts over at Windows support as the problem you're having is outside our area of expertise. We will do whatever we can to help you with your games but when it's a deeper issue involving the operating system, they're really the best people to contact. You can reach them at