Submitting Screen Shots of TK Works

Hi all.  Just an FYI.  A few times now I have captured screen shots of team killers playing the game.  I  have been a little frustrated with the complain system response.  So, after filing a complaint, I followed up with screen shots (you can use device, phone or camera) and sent them both to XBOX and EA's support forum.  Wallah.  I have seen a few bans already.  I have seen one guy get his stats and progress reset.  Don't know if it was XBOX LIVE or EA but it worked.  At least two of the guys I sent in screen shots about ended up complaining in forums.

Just wanted to let you guys know if your sick of Team killers there is hope!!!!!


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Speaking of screenshots, an interesting thing I stumbled across once is a half finished screenshot system in BC2.


When you get killed, press and hold the back button when you're watching the killcam. A banner at the top of the screen will pop up and say "Screenshot Taken". But it uploads to nowhere and you can't view it on your Xbox either.


I found this completely by accident when I was trying to bring up the scoreboard right after I died.

I wonder if it was part of an anti-cheat system that never got implemented? Think of it, if you get killed by someone who was under the map or something, you could snap a picture in the killcam as proof.

Why don't you just file the complaint directly to EA they can do more damage than XBOX live, they can ban the culprits for a week or so from ALL LIVE EA online I know because I was baned from EA before an it sucked! an they said the next one would be longer an even threatened an all out permanent ban from ALL EA

screen shots always been there It's jus broken I think its in all EA games except Mass Effect, all EA Live games anyway..

too bad it dosnt work but Iam going to be getting a new one of these

I think it's a good idea to send it to XBOX Live as well.  It might result in a more broad ban doing that.  However, EA does act on screen shots which is good to know.