Sub-Zero's alt costume...

wouldn't it be cool if they released the umk3 version of sub-zero as an alt costume? i like him without the mask! 


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im sure that costume was his brothers

I hated that costume lol. The Cyber Smoke wouldn't be bad though from the old MK games.

I was dissapointed with the Alt costumes you get from the Krypt. I only like a few of them

Hey, I have a quick question regarding the outfits, anyway, cause I actually reserved the 1 with Scorpion's original outfit and fatality.  I initially didn't know about the other reserve bonuses, such as Sub-Zero's original outfit and fatality, so what I was wondering is are these just unlockable Krypt items, or are they gonna be DLC?

Netherealm is planning on releasing them as dlc in the future.

I preferred the maskless Sub Zero to the masked one back in MK3U. Now it would make a lot of sense to release him as a costume, since the movesets have been merged and modified.

I def want unmasked subzero, since most of the alternate costumes suck they owe us some good ones