Stupid Question

So, I am hoping I know the answer to this but I am worried so I have to ask.

I am on one of the final missions of the game.   I am aware that you can not explore after you beat the game.

Will I still be able to load my previous saves so I can go back and clean up some achievements?

I am sure I will be able to, but didn't want to find out the hard way.



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Yes, you can always reload one of your older saves.

yes you can load a previous save as long as is before your start the final quest mission from each faction.

Thanks everyone.  I appreciate it.

Just wanted to be sure.

In addition, if you created a "path" that follows carefully enough you can finish all of the Games endings from one "universal" Save File. It takes a matter of being careful and not upsetting too many Factions so you can still speak with them right up to the point you "have" to decide on which one you want the ending for.

A good place for the universal save is after the very first time you deal with Caeser,oiu would have gone into the bunker with the chip and rolled thru that mission.   When you leave his camp and return to Cottonwood Cove amke that universal save, ideally you should have just about every option open to you with possible warnings from Casear and the NCR about treading lightly so as not to tick them off. From here my average play thru to each ending was about an hour to hour and half depending on the thread I followed. I also made one save for my main game (siding with the NCR) that I have used for the DLC, this is my character that I have done the most with and capped out at level 40. If you want to do this, make the save right before you have to committ to the fight at Hoover Dam, all play thrus from that choice pretty much are non stop thru the credits.

I believe at one point in the game you are given a warning that you will cut off your chance for either an NCR or Legion ending if you continue to do helpful missions for one or the other. If I remeber right this is shortly after talking to yes man for the first time. If you really wanted to do all endings on one character this is the point you would need to save since once you go on from there you will still be able to do up to 3 possible endings but you will be cut off from either the NCR or Legion ending.