Stupid question but - How do I download a patch? I keep hearing about '1.5' but idk how to download it.

Question ^  Thanks for answering.  I've seen some glitches that I'd really want to get rid of, so I'm hoping this patch would do it.  But, I don't know how to download patches into my game.


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1.5 has not been released yet.

If your playing on a 360 or PS console you already have all the fixes that are out so far. Not sure how to do PC fixes. The next fixes is reported to be coming out soon.

Let me guess, your xbox is not connected to the internet nor xbox live??? If you don't have the patches, then you must not be connected to xbox live. Because the patches are automatic. Like when you start the game, the patch it ask you install the patch or it will kick you off xbox live if you don't download and install it.