Stupid Online Rule.. WTF Happened To Strategy

Here's the scenario:

I am playing an online game: I am the Browns and my opponent is the Dallas Cowboys. It is a close game and I finally get the edge and take the lead late (about 3 minutes to go). The score is 17-10. I force a touch back on the ensuing kick off. He makes  a few passes but then makes a mistake and I pick it off. 2:35 or so to go. I rip two nice passes and I get to the 3 yard line, I call a play with 2:25 counting down and the play  clock lagging the game clock. I decide to let the clock hit the two minute warning (thinking to run a few run plays and get the time down farther...he only has one time out left) but right before the two minute warning...the game ends, I was booted for excessive time delay and he was awarded the win. WTF is that dumb crap???? What anti football rule is that? Why have the game clock then? So stupid.

This makes me not want to play online again. Why if you can't use real football strategy. Plus it's hard enough to find a game where people aren't either the Eagles or the Packers.


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Last updated July 4, 2018 Views 4 Applies to:, who knows what happened there?  people are SOOOOOO concerned about winning a effin VIDEO football game that 95% of my online games hardly even resemble football and i wouldn't be surprised if the person you were playing had something to do with the game ending.  I'm not saying that he did, just saying i wouldn't be surprised.  

All the nano blitzes and glitch defenses are a bit tiresome to play against.  and then you got the glitch kickoff where they line up in regular kickoff formation and then dribble the ball 10 yards while my guys are running away from the ball, getting ready to block.  the game is fun but it has it's issues...and there are A LOT of them.  

I had a guy kicked for continous encroachment. I routinely run the clock out when its a close game and alot of time left on the play clock. I would've probably broken my disc if I got kicked for something like that.

The quick answer is. When you see all the deep hail mary passes into double and triple coverage that end up miraculously being TD's 5 seconds before half, and screens every down while the RB breaks 3 tackles every play...are you really that surprised that bullshit like that would happen? this game isn't's all about manipulating the bugs.