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I know you will say i am an idiot for this (which i am) but i wanted to share. Today i made some seperate saves near the end of the game so i could do all 4 endings for the achievements, i also had a main save which i was not doing any ending with, i was up to the last ending when i went to save i overwrited my main save, and sadly i have no backups. I put 28 hours into that save and now im starting again :( what makes it worse was that i bought the Honest Hearts And Blood Money DLCS to play once i had finished all 4 campaigns but now im going to level up again before i start the DLCS


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Could be worse.

Forget about it and move on.

If  I had a dollar for every overwritten save or a file corruption  I could treat You and a couple of people on the forum to a new copy of Skyrim when it comes out.  

To save time I performed the modified Powder ganger glitch in Goodsprings and gained 30 levels in a couple of hourrs and made a save.

ThenI created both male and female characters and modified there skills and perks to fighting styles and got the 10 plus extra perks at that save. I also left Goodsprings with over 50 grand in caps and over 71,000 rounds of 9MM ammo.

A fully repaired and modded varmint rifle, 9MM pistol and 9MM MG. 13 doctors bags and 111 sitmpaks, all in 2 hours hours or less.

You can cut Your time down to a few hours before You go do the DLC content. I have other tricks on extra caps and SPECIAL too, just P.M ME and I'll send them to You.

Good luck.

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Could be worse.


Agreed, could have been a lot worse. I have two different Characters with a Universal Save and both have well over 80+ hours. One is Hardcore with no DLC complete and the other is all DLC and a Level 43 on normal.

Oh, you got nothing on me. I have 4 main characters for all the endings and I deleted them by accident. I probably had roughly 450+ hours all togther on just those characters.