Stupid Guardian Achievement!!!

Wow, so I was in a match right after the Forces Of Nature DLC was released. I was playing on cove trying to get my I Got This achievement (Getting 10 kills as leader in 1 round). I was at 9 kills and I had just downed some guy playing as Raam. The enemy leader had been killed already so there was no risk of enemy re-spawn, I rushed up to get my kill and some guy just stole it. I had made it clear that I downed the guy in a very polite way. I simply said I downed the last guy and I was on my way to kill him. I said please don't steal my kill because I need this one. I was right by Raam about to kick him and all of a sudden the other guy on my team killed him with a curb stomp. I was angry so I asked what the heck he was thinking and he just said, "Sorry bro, I didn't know it was your kill but I'll get you one next round". I told him it didn't matter because I needed it for that round and he replied with the troll remark of, "You mad bro?". 

I wish that was the only time that this had ever happened but a day later I was on Aftermath  kill away from getting my achievement. I just downed the last guy and everyone was telling me to take the kill. I ran over and started shooting as to not waste time. Suddenly the guy quit and the message popped up saying it was migrating host. The round started again and I was the leader but all my kills for the previous round were negated. In the next round I ended up with 9 kills again and some random guy joined my team so what did he do? He stole 5 of my kills in on round. I downed the leader and he took it, I downed Baird and he took it, I downed Thrashball Cole and he took it. This went on for the rest of the round. I finally got him to use his mic and he said he was from Mexico. So much for local matches.

The last time I tried for this achievement was 2 hours ago. My team was locust and we were on Jacinto. I got a whole bunch of kills with frags and on the last kill I needed managed to down 2 guys with a single boomshot blast. I got an active reload with it and fired again and of course they quit out and one of them was host. Host once again migrated and I had to start over. I've played fair long enough. I'm tired of people rage quitting and stealing kills just so they can prevent me from getting my achievement. In Halo you got penalized for quitting out and this is also true for games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. People call others losers for boosting but I know why people do it now. A lot of the people in Gears Of War 3 are trolls and just want to mess other people over because they don't have the skill to get the achievement. I'm not trying to rip on boosters or legit players. I'm simply trying to get people to understand why this is so messed up. If you've already got this achievement then please feel free to post how you got it but don't be troll or a loser and sit there and say, "It was so easy for me" because chances are, you boosted for it by lagging the game and forcing host. The legit players know it's hard to get.


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hi omega. i know how you feel. i've tried to get it legit but it's never possible as the leader just gets killed way too soon by the bots.

i'm trying to get a group of people to do this as i believe a stacked/full team will more likely be paired with a group of bots (i may be wrong), but it's just so hard to get a full team together (time difference, and the fact that i only play mostly during weekends due to work commitments). basically, anybody who is the leader will be the one getting all 10 kills no matter what and others will just down them for him. just need a committed team of 5 players and i believe it's only a matter of time before we get this cheevo (and not to mention the ivory skin pack!).

anyways, if you want to, you can choose to add me and we will try to find a few more to do this, and hopefully it's during the weekends.

I tryed doing epic GT said but my friend was mad at me and killed the leader when I was at 5 so I couldn't get it. Then he got it and quit playing after he got the achievemenI. I ended up getting it a week later with two guys that were both doing spilt screens so we would get our own game but we never did. It ended up being the other team left after a game and I got it but then the new maps stopped poping up and I played with them until 3 or 4 in the morning. one of them got it with me and they other got it after I left.

Here's the best way to do it. We need 8 people in a party and some of these people might have to have a guest signed in. One person (host needs to make sure that there connection is incredibly laggy). By doing this they will be entered into a match with just bots. This can take up to 15-20 minutes. Once the host has there match he or she needs to invite the players to the game that want this achievement. Once all spaces are filled with committed people that wont quit out once they have this achievement than the real fun begins. The host will need to allow the connection to return to normal and since the game is full at this point, no one else can join. Doing this will enable anyone to get this achievement but we need to make sure that once a person has it, they don't quit out. This is the best option and I may hate boosting but seeing as how my kills are stolen every time, it's seems to be the only way. Add me if you want to this. I'll be trying every weekend for the next 3 weeks. I live in California so make sure that if there's a time difference you're on at 5 PM California time. Good Luck everyone.

I don't understand but count me in. I don't quit.

Allow me to go deeper into detail Jago. If I lag up my connection enough it's not going to find a compatible match for me. The game will spend about 15 to 20 minutes searching for a match but it will be unable to find one. This will cause me to host my own match with just bots. Once I'm in this match I'll have 10 to 15 minutes before people from Mexico or Japan begin joining the game. The goal is to invite the people who need this achievement before these other people manage to join. Once all the people we need have been invited I wont have to worry about others randomly joining because the match will be filled. I will then be able to stop any streaming through Netflix or Hulu or downloads from iTunes and return the connection to normal. At this point were only going to have the people that need this achievement in the match and once the connection returns to normal, everyone will be able to take turns on a good clean connection. My goal is that we'll only need 5 different people for this. Each person will need to sign in a guest account enabled for Xbox Live and an example of this would be: OmegaDragonGod 1. If you need help signing a guest in the feel free to ask for help.

I'll be checking this forum throughout the week and maybe we can get more than 5 people to participate. It's important that anyone involved be on one of the other persons friends list. As of now my list is up to 97 but if we can get more people to confirm their willingness to do this then you can add them and when I invite them, they can invite you. Some will look at this as cheating but it's only good strategy. Most of us should have had this by now but get cheated by other players. This can and will work. Once you've got the achievement please allow the other to get there's before quitting out. I'll be doing on the following schedule:

Saturday April 21 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Sunday April 22 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Saturday April 28 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Sunday April 29 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Saturday May 5 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Sunday May 6 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

If anyone needs help after these dates let me know and I'll do my best to help but that's all the time I can spare for now.

Hi Omega. Pacific Time would be UTC - 07:00 since you're using PDT now (daylight saving)? Please correct me if I'm wrong since I don't wish to wrongly calculate my local time and be late or too early. I'll join in for this slot:

Saturday April 21 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time

We have 3 players currently:

1. OmegaDragonGod

2. Jago 85

3. epic GT is epic

If we sign in our guest profiles, we should have 6 players now. Omega, I'm assuming we need 2 more (assuming all sign in with guest profiles)?

I'll be checking this thread often as well and I'll see who I can invite to join in too.

I seriously hope we can do this guardian thing at one go.

it's seriously not too hard if you just have a team of 4 other friends who will down them for you.

if that's not working out though, have two or three friends join your match and then send people on the opposing team FR's. once sent, have them quit the game and join again, they will now be able to join on the other team due to the pending FR (there obviously needs to be bots on the other team though).  having two or three friends do this and run directly to you as leader pretty much ensures youll get it.

wow ninja, you've got 100% achievement. congrats! yeah, i guess the tough part is to look for these 2 or 3 friends who will be committed to get this done. ha. this, and foreshadowing is kinda hard to get and i understand the part where you said about sending friend request over to join the other team. i read this before to get foreshadowing.

A team of 5 friends can get this done stay by who ever is the leader and just have everyone down enemies as they come in leaving the leader to kill them while still just playing the match

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