Stupid Glitch

Forest covenant has a stupid glitch, where a friendly npc will randomly fall of a cliff, counting as a betrayal....basically meaning paying your soul level times 2000, to be absolved of your sins, or just be hostile and never be able to join til next playthrough, not quite sure why a random npc falling off a cliff counts as a betrayal, but whatever, didn't even get chance to get summoned once to protect the forest.

If this happens i suggest just abusing the forest farming glitch until you can pay to absolve your sins, if you wanna be in the covenant that is.

definatly don't feel guilty after such BS.


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You can, just have to absolve your sins. I accidentally shot the covenant leader with my bow, and owed 106,000 souls to be absolved, Once I did this, I could join again

Really? I didn't know that their warning was a lie lol, "people who betray the covenant don't get second chances" lol LIES!

you can't rejoin the group if you betray them