Stunning and countering a stun

Hey guys. I've been wondering about this game online, as I just bought it recently. I've played for a few hours and I can't tell if countering when someone tries to stun you is glitchy, luck based or just flat-out broken at times. I understand that killing someone takes priority, but it seems like there are times when I can CLEARLY see a human player, who is a target, b-lining straight for me (and not using the charge ability), and I face them, lock onto them, and start mashing the X button... and they still just casually stroll up in their animation and box my ears, knocking me to the ground. Other times I'll be doing a sneaky approach to a player who is hunting me and he'll be focused on a teammate, I'll sneak up behind and start to stun him, then he counters me immediately and stabs me up. What is even more frustrating is that people also seem to go through my smoke at times and kill me, yet I'm always being stunned by smoke. Is this some type of latency issue or something? Basically, I'm asking the veteran players out there... what's the deal? Is mashing the X button for kills or B button for stun a bad idea, as in you need to be super precise when you hit the button, or is it just straight up luck based off of your network connection?

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Sorry for the wall of text. For whatever reason the forums are not recognizing when I try to make paragraphs.

I think it is some kind of glitch. I know what you mean, people sometimes stun me even if I press X over and over. It is kind of annoying when it happens to you but when it's the other way around it's hilarious.

Some of it is glitches, but a lot of it comes down to timing that you'll just have to work out through experience with the MP. A lot of people throw down their smoke bombs just a second too late but that's all it takes for them to already be killing you. As for sneaking up and stunning people, that's kinda hard to do. There's no guarantee that they're not paying attention and just focusing on your team mate. I've been stunned a few times from behind but most of the time I can see them trying to sneak up on me and I just wait for my moment when they're close enough to kill. So really, it's not the best option. You gotta be pretty confident to pull that one off, otherwise I'd stick to using an ability as a buffer before you try stunning someone. The glitching is frustrating sometimes and it happens to all of us, but stick with the MP and you'll see how it gets better the longer you play :)