I am currently stuck in Alan Wake were you have to start a generator with no weapons. I can't seem to get it going without getting hit, anyone have any suggestions on how to go about it?


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Could you be more specific as to what chapter it is?  From what I remember starting some of the generators can be a bit difficult when enemies are chasing you, depending on the difficulty.  Do you have any flares or flash bangs?  There's an over-abundance of weapons and ammo in the game.  Make sure you search each area for them, especially the hidden weapon caches that can be found by following the reflective writing on things.  You'll see arrows and such...  I remember starting a couple of those by simply running as much as I could to the generator and starting it before the enemies could catch up.

i agree with thookins just try to find weapons or just try to find any light sources such as street lamps it will give you enough time to get the generator up i ompleted game with this strategy it should work

It was the part were you start off with no weapons and just a flashlight, i took the advice of just running for a light source and ran past the generator. Just made it! Thanks for the advice.

In those situations I would just run fast as possible to the generator and make a flawless QTE chain of "A"s to get the generator started. Sometimes the badguys won't make it to you in time before the lights come on.

I just played this part yesterday! Took about 3 or 4 times before I finally got it.  I basically sprinted and dodged my whole way there to get the generator started in the nick of time! Not looking forward to doing that again in nightmare mode.....