how do i go back into the steel mill to get those 2 other riddle trophies after the mission find the coldest point in gotham...i got the decoder and all that but dont know how to get in steel mill


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To get back into the Steel Mill, go towards the South West corner where there may be some snipers, take them out and use the door there. It's the door that lead to a Titan container and had boiling water. You should be able to pass using the gadgets you have now.

I think Oracle will tell you how to re-enter the Steel Mill when you get a bit further into the game. You need to go back there eventually to complete the game.

still cant get in....i can fire the batclaw but when it says to press 'A' nothing happens

Have you gotten the blood sample you need yet¿ There's a weapon upgrade you get after getting the blood sample that leads to a cure. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't, but if you have the upgrade I'm talking about, through the upgrade into the water.

Where exactly are you in the current storyline¿ Have you gone to Old Gotham yet¿

Oh, I see from your achievement list that you haven't gotten the Hide And Seek achievement yet¿ You need to progress with the story up to that point before you can go back into the Steel Mill.

oh it...thank you...little impatient with this much cool stuff to do lol