Stuck---please don't get mad if you read this cause there is spoilers.

Okay, so I've talked to the joker, and I'm supposed to find Mr. Freeze and over the radio chatter I hear that the Penguin has kidnapped him and has him at the museum. Where it the way into the museum?


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You have to hack into the front door(encryption device).

Thanks so much. Figures it would be that easy. And here I was looking for a super special secret door.

Haha. Don't feel bad. I did the same thing. I ran all around the building, all over the roof, etc only to find that I could go in the front door.

Blasphemy! Since when does Batman use the front door. If you ask me I think you two had it right in the first place. I'm going to chalk it up to it being a glitch or the access point into the building being put in the wrong place mistakenly by the devs.

Yeah yeah. Well whatever the reason may be, that's the way I got into the building. Ha.

but where do I find freeze.  I got the the penguin but now i have to find freeze to disable the gun

he's in one of the other rooms in the museum, when coming out of the room penguin is in it's on the right hand side of the "torture chamber"