Stuck on a couple of challenge tower challenges

I've completed all of the challenge tower challenges except for two.  The first one is where you have to beat Baraka, Sindel, and Shao Kahn on one life bar.  This actually wouldn't be so bad, but you're forced to use Shang Tsung on this challenge.  Shang Tsung's move set consists primarily of varying types of fireball attacks.  His combos aren't bad, when you can actually connect, but the computer is pretty block happy during this challenge.  I just can't seem to get a feel for using Shang Tsung effectively.  I've tried this challenge countless times and used some coin to pass it so that I could complete the rest of the challenges and come back to it.  Now that I've completed most of the other ones, I'm trying to pass this one, but just can't seem to figure out a strategy that works.  I can get to Shao Kahn pretty much every time, but he promptly whoops my butt.  Any suggestions from people who have passed this challenge?


The other challenge that I haven't passed should come as no surprise.  Three Shao Kahn's, one life bar, 'nough said...


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suprisingly the 3 shao khans was easy for me, just get full screen away, and whip out your gun, its faster then his javelin, and the only projectile he will be able to hit you with is his hammer.. but thats easily avoidable.. so spam your pistol, jump his hammer, and stay as far away as possible...  dont forget to mix in your enhanced pistol..

Congrats man. I'm glad it all worked out.

Finally passed these last two challenges over the weekend.  Thanks for the tips guys, they helped.

I think there is actually a post of the Shang Tsung challenge already, I believe it's 251. So check that out for tips and for the 3 Shao Khans, I don't remember who you have to use but Khans pretty easy once you get use to him. If you can't spam a projectile then plan your jumps right. I usually jump in then hit him and jump back before he hits me. I'm sure others will chime in soon with some advice but yeah check the thread for Challenge 251.

For challenge 251 spam the fire ball and enhanced fire ball from full screen as fast as you can. (don't save for xray or breaker in this challenge. Use your enhanced fireball). You should be able to make it by Baraka and Sindel fairly easy with this method. Even if they try to hit you with their projectile yours will do more damage (especially using enhanced fireball as much as possible) and you should make it to Shao Kahn with almost a full health bar.

When fighting Kahn you have to mix up fireballs, enhanced fireballs and a certain combo Jump+Y, Y, X, Y and repeat. The combo will be your main move against Kahn but the fireballs do help when you can get them off.

For challenge 269 all you have to do is spam Strykers gun from full screen. This is actually pretty easy when you get the hang of it. The gun is so fast Kahn can almost do nothing about it. The only time you need to worry is when A) he throws a hammer jump straight up and then continue with the gun and B) when you kill Kahn the 2nd and 3rd Kahn will span right next to you so be ready to jump and try to get to the other side of the screen.

Try Youtube for videos on these challenges. It helps a lot.