stuck on a block

Can anyone confirm post-patch that RAAM will get stuck on that block on Insane?

I've viewed the video, I've tried it, and I've tried it, and tried it some more but he just walks right around that block.
I've read where folks say it was patched and I've read where folks say he still gets stuck post-patch as of this summer.

I hate to not beat him normally but I'm running solo and I just can't seem to bring him down.


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Yes....just keep trying. I have done it 3 time post patch. Twice on xbox and once on the pc.

I finished RAAM in GOW1 by myself on Hardcore, not Insane. It took me a very long time. Patch or no patch, he sometimes walked around and sometimes got stuck. When he walks around, he stays more mobile and even if you keep moving around that block, he will come towards you and probably get you.

What i found that did get him stuck was firing the cross-bow at times, bats fly away and then I continuously shoot him while staying ducked behind the block (blind-fire machine gun). When the bats come back, another crossbow shot and then more blind fire while the bats are away. He eventually comes over towards me, but gets stuck. Seems odd because he's so close, yet doens't do much damage. The more I fired at him relentlessly, the greater chance he would not pass my block.

Doing this technique I was able to get him stuck many times and finally defeat him.  I was unaware there was a bug or fix for this.

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Just wanted to say thanks for the info. RAAM got stuck lots of times my last session but I just couldn't take him down.

Every time I stuck him with a grenade I blew too even though I moved to the opposite side of that block.

I'm gonna have to wait till I have a friend over to play Dom.