Stuck in Up "UP RIVER" part 18

I am too the point where your faced with the giant samurai, I have taken him down once, but now I take about three steps and I am done, plus he has help , how do I get past this guy as it is looking like a game breaker for me.

Thanks in advance



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After you take him down twice he speeds up his attacks plus he switches from a hammering attack to a wide swinging attack plus you have to deal with a few of his lackeys however its not a big deal so don't let it get to you. the way you deal with the the smaller samurai is by letting the big guy do the work for you. Let the big guy get in close and as he is about to swing on you dodge it and he will usually take out at least two smaller samurai. As for getting him on his knees again it took me a few try's but I notice that he turns around a lot quicker since he change his attack type making it near impossible to get around him to shoot him in the back BUT at this point his helmet should be destroyed leaving is face open to attack so keep dodging him till you can get a good distance away and equip your pistol or assault rifle and shoot him in the face to make him go to his knees a third time. Good luck.  

Thanks for the help, I finally got past him :-)

I found him to be most vulnerable from his back, there is no armor there. Dodge, and aim for his back. I used a shotty myself.

Get a good distance from him and take out the smaller ones before attacking him. When he falls to his knees, roll around and shoot his back. After you do this a couple of times, it'll trigger a quick time event and if you do it correctly it will successfully kill him.

when his helpers show up, kill them. they resupply your arrows. if you take some damage, dodge until you heal.

I was shooting him in the gaps around his arms until you manage to get his helmet off. Dodge and shot gun thats what I did

Shoot him in the back with the shotgun after you do the non finishing finishers twice shoot him in the head with the assault rifle then do the finishing finisher.

He was a tough one, dodge, roll, and shoot him like crazy in his vulnerable spots.