Stuck In the Nether With Broken Portal

My son is playing Minecraft and was in the nether and a Ghast hit his portal and broke it.  The purple no longer shows but the frame is still there.  He said he didn't bring his steel or flint with him so he cannot reactivate it.  He saved while he was in the nether so he can't just quit without saving and revert back to the outer world.  Anyone know if there is material to make a new portal since he didn't bring the materials with him, in the nether or fix the one he has and/or find the equipment to reactive it?  Or any other action he could take to progress the story and get out of the nether?


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Have someone join and reactivate the portal with flint and steel, or if he has iron on him there are patches of gravel in the nether you can get flint from.

Co-op with him.  Go get a flint and steel to re-ignite the portal.  Or lure a Ghast to it and the fireball will re-ignite it.

Death is always an option :)

Or if he dies he comes back

Thats why I said "Death is always an option".  You just leave all your stuff behind :(

Sure death is an option--a good one.  But you don't need to lose all your stuff if you have 8 wood planks, or enough wood to make them.  Create a small container, place it where you'll find it again, store all your stuff in it, then go jump in the lava.  You'll respawn in the overworld, ready to go through your portal there again.  Doing so will create a new portal in the nether near the busted old one.  Get your stuff, mine some obsidian from the broken portal, and off you go.  I suggest doing all this in peaceful mode.

I am really hating this ajax poster.  3rd time its lost a post now :(


Since there is no supply of wood in the nether and since he failed to bring a flint and steel, I made the assumption he had no WOOD either.  So, building a bench and then a chest really isn't an option I should think.

I still maintain that simply picking up a 2nd controller and joining the game to haul a flint and steel through the portal is the best option.

FWIW, bring  at least 2 flint and steels, a chest, a stack of wood (not planks, wood), stack of iron, and a stack of flint with you.  When you get to the nether, place the chest somewhere near the portal.  Put the stacks in and the extra flint and steels.  Always maintain a stack of wood, stack of flint and a stack of iron.  The wood can be used to make a bench which then can be used to make sticks for tools, tools, flint and steel and more chests.  But always maintain the emergency chest stash somewhere (where you know it is) possibly hidden behind a wall if you are going online with your game.

Thats why i always build a cobblestone box around my portals

Relighting the portal by playing chicken with a ghast seems to be the only option if you wanna keep your stuff. Good thing ghasts are slow and stupid.

Thanks for all the comments.  I'll check to see if he has wood with him to build a chest.  The only problem with co-op is it's only HD compatible, but if it comes to that I can take our 360 to my friends house to do that.

Death is an option?  Am I too understand if he dies in the nether than he will be respawned in the outerworld where is house and stuff are and what not?

exHellsing?  What does building the cobblestone box around your portal accomplish?  Maybe I could tell him to do this and prevent this from happening in the future.

Thanks again for all the help.

Yes. when you die in the nether, you will respawn in the outerworld.  If he doesn't have a bunch of stuff in his inventory, screw taking the xbox to someone else's house, just die and deal with the loss of some sfuff.  He should drop stuff by the portal.  Die, try to get back to it in time.  If not (which is likely) oh well.  Chalk it up to experience.

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