Stuck In Sequence 14 Memory 2

Well I think I've done it...

Just after we follow the guy with some kind of crate there's a big battle and after all this we can accept a mission that leads us to the Vatican.

Unfortunately, I didn't resupply before going that way and now it seems I cannot come back to memory 1 or just abort like usual.

What to do? I have no medicine and out of all the other goodies.


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I was like this. I just ended up being stealthy as anything and jump assasinated whenever I could

Looting dead guard's bodies is a good way to top your medicine up.

OK, I discovered that by holding LT while Pressing B we can loot! So b4 I only could carry the body... I had forgotten about that LT.


Unblocked now!



Eh? All you have to do is hold B. It'll say on the HUD if you can carry/loot or just carry.

I'm not sure about just holding B. Cause this is what I was doing b4 and always ended up carrying the body...


All I know is by holding the LT and then B it works for the looting. Just holding B never worked for me and I really don't have a clue why?


Question: Do you press B twice to select Carry or Loot?


on the HUD in the upper right corner for the B button it will carry/loot. just tapping the B button should carry the body while holding B should loot. however if that wasn't working for you and holding the LT + B is what is looting just keep doing that