stuck in Reavers Mansion

need help to get out  i can't quit quest or anything 


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dude i can't even quit the quest, thats what makes it worst

Which quest?  The one after you gain the Revolutionaries' trust, the Undergarments or the Wheel of Misfortune?  

And when was the last time you cleared the memory cache? 

Yeah, it's a glitch. You accept the quest after beating it the first time and the doors closed and nothing happens. All you can do really is quit and reload and don't go back until they fix it...if they ever do.

thanks for the info and i hope they make a patch

im stuck in the wheel of misfortune

If this happens to anyone else, don't save, Hit the xbox button, hit Y to escape from the game so you don't save, then you can continue playing. If you do anything that saves the game, you're stuck and you can't get out.

This happened to me, but I had another save that I could still play so it wasn't that big of a deal. If this is your only save, you cannot move on. You're stuck unless they figure out a patch for it.

Really lame.

Heed Capta he knows what he's talking about, just to be clear though this does not affect the main game play through. This seems to happen after you've downloaded the Understone Quest pack which gives you ability to go back to Reavers Mansion and play the Wheel again, it also opens up the shooting range in the Mercenary Camp... which doesn't work for me either.