stuck in Duke Nukem, Help!!!

I'm in the shipping container area, with the  barrels. How do I get out?


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press the little button next to the disk tray...

Or you could try asking on the duke nukem forum

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press the little button next to the disk tray...

Or you could try asking on the duke nukem forum


As if there would actually be anyone in those forums to answer his question.

And thread creator, you should really specify which Duke Nukem you're referring to, there's like 6 of them. Do you mean Duke Nukem 3D? Duke Nukem Forever? Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project? Or perhaps you mean the original PC Duke Nukems I & II. Nobody knows what you're talking about.

And again, depending on which game you're playing, there might not be a forum for it anyway. I know that since this "stellar update", Duke Nukem 3D did not have the privilege of getting a new forum, but the less popular Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project did. There are 2 posts in that forum. Go figure.

I will miss all the good times we had in those old forums, sadly they will never come again. Thanks Microsoft. You really did us a solid.

i always use google for stuff when i get stuck

If it's the part I'm thinking of, you should be able to pick up the barrels lying around the area and drop them into the shipping container next to the raised platform (the shipping container that has a couple of barrels at one end and moves if you walk inside and to the end of it).

What you're wanting to do is put enough barrels into the shipping container to tip the end of it up... so you can get on the shipping container with the ladder, jump over to the shipping container with the barrels inside, then jump off of it onto the raised platform.

Are you referring to the DLC?  I'm taking a break from Rage and finishing that up right now as we speak.  If it is the DLC you are talking about, I might be able to help out, I'm going to knock it out along with all 10 cheeves by tonight.  I wan't to get back to RAGE ASAP because it's quite simply the best looking and best running game on consoles today, and I'm having a blast with it!   I'd say Uncharted 3 is right up there with it though!