Stuck at SR80!

I just recently reached SR 80 and completed my Stalker Specialization but now I am unable to progress any further as I am unable to choose a new specialization.. I've finished Wetwork, Operator, and now Stalker. Do I need to enter in a code of some sort in order to progress further in rank? Please Help!


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Try removing your ethernet cable or disconnecting your router/whatever, choosing your Specialisation while you're offline and then going back online.


Make sure H4 starts up while you're disconnected though.

Same thing happened to me last night. All I did was Re-download the "specialization priority" file.

Re-downloading the file is defiantly the best way to go :D

change your storage device prob on hard drive

If you have the spec code from the limited edition you will have 6 more to unlock. If you don't have that code then you are stuck at the 3 until 343i decide to release it to the marketplace. Ebay is a good place to find those codes cheap.