Stuck at a bonfire with a broken weapon, help!

Hey folks,

I have never played the first game so please pardon my ignorance. Here's my issue. I know that when a weapon is damaged, it can get broken if you keep using it. Additionally, the damage is immensely reduced on a weapon nearing its destruction. I am no stuck at a bonfire, and my only weapon is severely damaged, I barely do any damage. Do I have to start my game over or do I have to some how find a merchant and fist fight my way through?


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Hate when that happened in Demon's Souls.  I just had to fight my way through it.  It sucks having to hit an opponent several times when once would suffice in many cases..but it's part of the learning experience.  Keep an eye on your gear!

Well bro, the thing is, I know a merchant who can help you remedy that problem, but the thing is, two shield and lance wielding skeletons are blocking the way to the merchant. Even if you do some how run past them, they will just attack you while your shopping as they will follow you to the merchant. Unless you got some projectiles to kill both of them with..............I guess your gonna have to explore and run away to find a new weapon, or another merchant who isnt guarded like a prison.

So what did you learn from this???.......Thats right, have more than one weapon. Worst case scenario, you may have to start over. You must be at the very beginning to not have another weapon so it won't be THAT bad.

id say start over, maybe pick a different class, to see if its any better. you couldnt of gotten far if you only have 1 weapon.

If your not that far, I also say start over, if not try to sneak kill enemys and try to make it to a merchant or fine a weapon on an enemy but judging from you not having a 2nd weapon you are still close to the beginning so I say restart