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Ok, so here goes...

My kid got me hooked on COD Black Ops 2 and now I can't stop, my problem; however, is that I am former military and I am an individual who has been actually trained as a sniper. So I find it frustrating that 99.999% of matches I get into, regardless of match type, teams do not support their snipers. I understand that this is a game and the person with the best K/D ratio gets bragging rights. 

I don't really give a snot about being the top player in a room. I am there for support of my team, whichever team it may be, and I like to work from the shadows. My kid is more the "in-your-face-stab-you-then-shoot-you" type of player who would make a good clan member. I am just looking for a team that knows how to funnel the enemy into my shooting lanes and is aware of when I move and set up a new lane.

My son and I are obviously solo players, and I am not looking for a hard core competitive clan that requires me to be on 80 hours a week. I have a life outside of the game. Just looking for a decent casual clan that has a small modicum of knowledge on military tactics and how each role within the squad functions to make the squad a whole.

Currently, I/we, are a level 1-40 (prestige 1 level 40) and moving forward all the time. So, if you are in or are in control of a casual clan in need of a good versatile member, give me a shout. You get a solid run 'n gun player in my son who can put decent scores up, and you get a solid sniper who knows his job and performs it well when covered by his team.

Gamer ID is Tabore. Send me a message over Xbox and Ill get with you asap.


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Hi there!! I have sent you a message over xbl but I have to say, I love your attitude :) You need to have the fun and friendly side of gaming but also the teamwork! is a fun and friendly community with many members who love to play call of duty and get together as and when we can to participate :) We would love to have you onboard, we try to bring the fun back into gaming, over the years it has become more and more competitive and we prefer to have a good group of people that can team up and work well together, regardless of KD! We would love to have you both on board with us :)

Oh dang, all I got outta that was " I like to camp." lol

Hi!!:D Reap The Wicked would love to have you and your son join!(:

We are a well established, mature community(must be 13+). We are looking for people who are looking to have fun, fool around and meet new people!!:D

We offer a variety of things from News team, Youtube channel, Graphics team, Comp teams, and much much more. We also have community challanges and tournys(:

We have many great features over at RTW and there is ALWAYS someone on. We have lots of active members and are growing daily.

Not the best gamer? That’s not a big deal! We don’t require you to be the best player!(: We are not based only on gaming!(:

So come check us out and if u like what you see, register!! And Be sure to tell them that RTW Duckiee sent you! Thanks!!(: When you sign up, find my profile and let me know you’re here!(:

Dont Miss OUT!!! We'd love to have you

--Kenzie! (or Duckiee!)

we at team shake play many xbox games from halo to COD to even forza. we offer an area for players to make friends and play with eachother, we differ from others because every member will be heard.  if u wish to check us out feel free to apply at thanks and happy gaming.