Strike Force

As posted in General Game Discussion, there's going to be a new mode called Strike Force.

It's a co-op mode which can be played in first person or in Overwatch, a RTS-style view of the battlefield. You can switch between Overwatch and FPS, and you can switch characters too. It's a sandbox-style mode supposedly. Here's the video interview about it. 

Personally, I think it's a great idea, and good to see Treyarch trying new things. Makes me look forward to Blops 2 more than before.


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I think thats for the campaign only huh? Im not sure, but it would have "unfair"advantages in a typical MP type game, dunno. EDIT--I just noticed you put NEW gamemode, LOL, glad its not in the traditional gamemodes. Sounds more like a strategy type game.

Yeah it sounds like a seperate mode, like Zombies. They've said Zombies will be made using the same engine as the multiplayer so I wouldn't be surprised if Strike Force will also be using that. That's the reason zombies will be more than 4 players anywho.

i think it's a good idea. treyarch has been the only company to actually improve upon the gameplay of Call Of duty. While every call of duty game is an EPIC fail, Treyarchs games are easier to swallow.

haha lol