Strict NAT on Advanced Warfare but Open on Xbox One?

Hey soo.. As you can see in the tittle i cant get my NAT to open on AW, ive tried so many things and been looking at other peoples threads for hours and found no solutions. Can someone please explain to me like im a 5 year old what exactly i need to do for my current situation. 
Im from New Zealand and I have a Technicolor TG582n Modem and i use wireless, My brother also has Xbox One (Also uses wireless) but he couldn't care less if he had strict or open NAT because he hates COD. Ive done all this port stuff and and added a series of numbers that i found here

And that still didnt work. Instead what it did is not alow me to Access my Modem on my Laptop anymore. All its says when i go to it is "err_connection_refused"
Help would be much 

Edit: Now my NAT is Strict on my Xbox aswell as Advanced Warfare....


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