Strength build question

My friend is currently building a Strength character and realized after 40 Str the Damage input doesn't seem to be as good. - Is this the case for every single point after 40 / has he reached the damage ''cap'' for a strength build? or do you see decent results after 50 / 60 ?


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every 3 should get the damage output up after 40. But depending on your weapon you should upgrade Dex as well.

I ended up with a Knight with Str60 and Dex40.

Ok that is what I was trying to tell him. Thanks for the input guys.

Also, if you didn't know this, upgrading your equipment > upgrading your stats nearly every time.

Also since it's a strength build, when you 2 hand your weapon you get an invisible modifier of 1,5x to your strength. So if you want to make a 2-hand only strength build you're better off leaving it at 26 or 27.

Around 40 is where you start to get diminishing returns on stat investment.