Street fighter 3 : 3rd strike with You tube replay sharing


[quote] After nearly a year of silence about the project, Capcom today confirmed a window for the game, saying it would be out this summer for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

More than just a port of the 1999 arcade game, 3rd Strike Online will feature a revamped user interface to take advantage of the systems' HD capabilities and a handful of visual filtering options. Beyond changing the way gamers see the game as they play, 3rd Strike Online will change the way others see them play with YouTube replay sharing. Capcom is incorporating YouTube functionality into the game that will allow players to upload their match replays to the video streaming service "with the click of a button."

Capcom is incorporating GGPO for the game's online functionality, the same netcode under the hood of the Final Fight: Double Impact package released last year. The publisher has also promised unlockable rewards, but did not specify exactly what form they would take.

When it arrives, 3rd Strike will sell for $15 (1,200 Microsoft points)[/quote]


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Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it.

Just give it to me already, Capcom.