Streamlining requests (and other random improvement requests)


I love the game and it's a definite improvement of the last game.  I like the faster loading times and the stability.  Just a few things I've noticed and think would be easy/useful improvements.

1) when starting a duel, the loading screen is fine.  I should NOT need to press A again.  It's fairly nitpicky, but you should always strive for less button presses than more.

2) cutscreen in the begining should auto-skip if watched once already.  It's yet another uneccessary button press.

3) When online (co-op two headed or archenemy I am unable to move/do anything while another player is making choices.  It's fairly abrupt and annoying.  If I happen to be zoomed in one something when another player does something I can't unzoom to see what's happening.

4) When playing (local) two headed giant online, one player selects the guy, the second player has to sign in (fine), and then the first player has to press A to get into the game?  Why the extra step?

5) When in a lobby, there should be a countdown.  I'm sitting there all ready to go and the guy is selected his deck and "ready" but he needs to press start.  Why?  If everyone is ready it should just go.  Why the extra step?  Also, add a countdown.  I was in a lobby and we were both ready and I have no idea if he pressed start yet or he walked away.  A countdown would be useful.

6) Don't show deck choices.  people switch and see, same problem as the first game originally.  

7) In two headed giant, in combat, if you press Y and your partner hasn't you should be able to undo an attacker.  You should not be locked in. (sometimes Y gets pressed in haste).

8)  When having two account logged in (for local two headed giant for example) either player should be able to go into the deck editor.  You can go back to the start screen and have the other guy log in and then take control and then edit his deck, but I feel there could be a smoother way (like in the first game)

9) Glitch: once my friend was logged in playing 1:1.  I came over, signed in and then played archenemy and 2 headed.  The cards were all weird - -they were all the same color, the text was okay, but the pictures were all static (like black and white static from a tv).

The game is great and I realize a lot is nitpicking but I feel they would streamline the game and make it better.



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sounds like quite a bit of little things that dont really matter but i will agree with 2 points...

3) i agree you should be able to look around the board and everything when someone is making a decision, also in archenemy sometimes with the sidedeck i wont look at what the card does fast enough and if i have to make a choice i might be blindly guessing what i should be choosing.

6) biggest problem in the game because people just use it as an exploit to take advantage of whatever deck you are using at the time.