Streaming ISSUES - HBO GO, Amazon Intant Play getting POOR VIDEO QUALITY

What's the problem lately with these apps on Live... They're not getting any bars or only 1-2, nowhere near HD quality. My connection is fine, I'm getting 60 Mbps down on the computer (wireless) and the Xbox is wired to the router. I've power cycled the modem, cleared the cache on the HD and I've deleted and re-downloaded the HBOGo App... it made NO DIFFERENCE, still only one bar and crappy video quality.

I also noticed that when downloading the apps again (the Amazon app download an update) the downloads were very slow... they used be pretty quick. It was only a 75 MB update and it took more than a few minutes!

Somebody over at MS and Xbox Live needs to get off their *** and troubleshoot the problem because something clearly isn't working properly on YOUR end.


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