Stream vid in the background = better experience

Don't  know why I wasnt doing this before, but for me the game is infinitely more playable when I stream movies on the lap top.  Its such a noticeable difference it isnt even funny.  In fact I can tell when the movie is over because the game reverts right back to nonsensical crap as soon as the credits are done rolling.


Anyone else who likes COD but has been too frustrated to play because of Lag Comp should be doing this.  Now the only thing to complain about is the community and QSing. :)



                                                                                                                                                                                       Very Happy to be Back and Playing,





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Some games might seem better but that isn't a sustainable way of reducing lag. You'll notice in some games it will go against you. I've been there, done that. There really isn't anything you can do about the lag comp.

It works for me,I usually go on Twitch and just stream someone from there,

and I always seem to do very good when I do that.

If I just play with music,it's 50-50 most of the time.


Doesn't this negatively affect others in the same room?

even before this game ive been a large advocate of d/L large torrents while playing and it does help

I do worse when the bandwidth is used for something like that.

Well i have not played in over 2 weeks. I just dl the new map pack and am about to go online. Lets see whst happens. I am running my ethernet cord from my router which has usually lead to some serious lag comp. Tonight I will keep one eye out for lag comp. Tomorrow I will probably go back to my wifi set up. Just got this new 360 so I usually dl all the updates through my wired connection for faster dl times. Wish me luck!

Dam nhl13 taking forever to dl onto the hd. Been over 10 min and I am at 75% dl.

Sometimes if I rub myself in the nozone I do good.

...and what happens if EVERYONE in the same lobby follows your advice? Sh*t happens, that's what. I'd bet the game wouldn't even start because there'd be no suitable host present. Try suggesting ideas that actually fix the problem for EVERYONE, not just for yourself.

I've tried it.  Running Torrents or running a movie on Netflix.  But It never seemed to do any better or worse for me.

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