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Does anyone buy the strategy guide anymore?

As usual, PrimaGames is coming out with two versions - the Regular and the Collector's Edition.  But, this time it might actually worth it to buy the Collector's Edition!

Got these details from them yesterday:

The Collector's Edition will have-
*    Hard Cover
*    2-ribbon bookmarks
*    FREE ACCESS to the interactive world map- The interactive world map includes over 150 location maps covering all 9 Hold cities. Each map shows the locations of every vendor, trainer, skill book, NPC, and unique item in the realm. You can toggle points of interest on and off and zoom in and out.

The last part sounds interesting!  I am assuming that it will be an online map, or maybe a code that input into the game (or is that asking too much?)

But, will it be worth the $13 difference?


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I have the guide preordered with my game, but the Collector's Edition doesn't do anything for me. Plus, give it a couple of months, and there will be a Flash version of a similar map available online somewhere. it may even be tablet or phone friendly.

I will definitely be getting the hard-cover edition strategy guide because my soft-back Oblivion guide fell apart from so much use!

Every game I have purchased over the past few months, I seem to buy the strategy guide for as well. I don't think I really need the extra stuff that comes with the hard cover version, but like Echo my Oblivion book fell apart pretty fast.

I pre-ordered from Gamestop and apparently I'll be getting a cloth map of the Skyrim world. Sounds cool but I never get strategy guides because almost always you can find out stuff on the internet instead of paying extra for something you might only use a handful of times.

I hope to be buying a strategy guide... I don't want to use it for gameplay the first time around, but Final Fantasy X's strategy guide was both an awesome read and a well-used purchase.


I didn't get the Oblivion guide, even though I saw it once and that too looked like an amazing item to own.


Probably won't go hardcover because I don't have anything against paperback books, but we'll see.