Strange noise when atempting shoot a enemy in multiplayer?????

every now and again when playing king of the hill i shoot the enemy it makes that noise like theyve just spawned and are inmune, and it doesnt seem seem like the bullets are registering.

Any Ideas?


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don't you have to execute the enemy in KotH?

you get an odd noise in execution when trying to shoot a downed enemy, indicating an execution is needed.

no this is it the enemies are standing up

Spawn protection, I think.

Know what pisses me off? Execution Rules in Beast mode.

That needs to GTFO Beast Mode. Down someone on the other side of a shock fence...shoot them............shoot them more.......oh wait, can't kill them...Execution Rules....

Actually, its only execution rules when you are trying to kill a hero. Which makes sense because if would be pointless and super easy if you could kill Marcus just as fast as you could a stranded.

It's still stupid as hell...'Especially when they're the last one left...and you have to go through the damn defenses first...