Strange bug or glitch or what so ever PvP online

Hello everyone,

I often got a strange glitch when playing PvP online, while i'm fighting with the other opponent, I'm just face to face with him and hit him in front of me, but suddenly he stay behind me and got backstab me. That's very annoying. Do you know how to fix that? If this problem repeat all the time, I will stay out of PvP, because no one can accept the idea to be killed because of nonsense reason for an unfair game.

Thank you in advance,


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I believe the community calls these "lagstabs".  The backstab mechanics in this game are terrible, and if you attempt to fight normally with a shield and sword, you'll probably have this happen all the time.  One of the better ways to avoid it is to play as a dexterity based player and keep your equip load under 25%, so you can dodge quickly.  Using katanas and other fast strike weapons helps as well.  Or, if it gets really annoying, simply play as a cleric, get really high Faith, and use the Wrath of God miracle.  A couple of quick blasts of that will cure any invader problem.

Here's a youtube video that shows how the backstabs work, and what people are doing to you.  It might help you avoid it somewhat.

I'm still pissed this isn't fixed yet.

Wum, your answer is still not correct 100%, because sometimes I hit my opponent a few time and he is in front of me, and even we are about 3 metres distance, I still suddenly got backstab. Man, this is definitely NOT fun anymore, and I'm very disappointed.

On the other hand, I still have a good PvP match, even though my opponent equipped 25% burden, and I have lower than 50%, but no backstab. Dunno if it is the connection problem or some annoying glitch, though ?!

I guess without actually seeing what you're talking about, I can't comment on what it is.  How's your internet connection, in general?  This is all based on peer to peer, so it can have an impact.  You can also summon people into your game to help you out, maybe watch how they handle these fights.  I just try not to let them get close to me anymore; strike fast and don't get greedy.  Half the battle is to try and frustrate backstabbers.  Once you do, they'll make mistakes.

I don't think I was ever backstabbed. I always keep my distance and use Pyro and a quick strike weapon. I always have Vow of Silence equipped as well.


It's a lag stab. You can even force it by running to your opponent's side and waiting for them to attack. Just a broken mechanic and another reason why PvP can't be taken seriously. But I'll still take lag stabs over dead angles any day.

what're dead angles?

I get my @@@ kicked in PvP all the time :( most times I stumble upon a group of 2 people.

Best thing to do is stay hollow unless you absolutely have to be human (summoning, invading yourself, getting the thorns armour, item farming, disgusted by the sight of your hollowed character etc)

Well, get another PvP duel, a little lag, but no backstabbing-laggy, with an unexperienced opponent. Maybe that's the problem connection, though. Maybe i'll try to invade someone to check again. I've never invaded anyone since i play the game :o)

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