Strange annoying MOD!!!

I'm not sure if this Mod is new or if it's just recently taken off, but foe the first time today on atleast 5 occasions I have been placed in a team deathmatch lobby that has been altered so that players move 10x the normal speed. It makes it impossible tonsew your enemies coming at you, it's even harder not to run into walls. I don't choose to play this way yet it drops me in.  I opt to leave the lobby because it's not fair that I'm forced to play this way but I'm worried I will be put on "probation" for leaving so many games early. Is there anything I can do about this? Is the mod known about and being looked into?


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I've noticed this for about a week now. If you reboot, that seems to take care of it. but, players not getting rid of the infection, seem to just keep migrating the mod over and over again. At first, when I saw that I was in one of these lobbies, I would just turn the console off and reboot, guess what happened after about 5 times of doing that. Threat of probation. It would seem that if they are monitoring these games that would be noticed..?????

Same here. I keep dropping out of matches which affects all stats. I have tried picking out the players to put on avoid so I will not get into this type of match, but that doesn't work and I end up right back with some of the same avoided players. This needs to be fixed now. I realize BO2 is older but it is mainly the reason I have xbox live. I want a refund if they cannot control this or get this under control. This is NOT what I am paying for.  I have a playstation 4 and I guess it will become my main unless they can fix this now!!!

Ima having the same issue. Except this "virus" affected my account. Now even in a fricking private match its modded. My email is *** Email address is removed for privacy *** -that's the account registered with my Xbox account. My username is Vied Gs. They gotta look into this and figure out what the hells goin on. I'm not about to get banned for some mod I didn't flipping do. And I would LOVE to to play a legit game. My KD has dropped .30 because this crap. Every game I'm in