straight color camos?

Would anyone else like to see more straight colors for camo? maybe even different finishes like gloss.....


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No. Nothing extra at all. Not even map packs unless they came with the game from the get go, but then again they wouldn't be map packs if they came with the game. I don't want to see and hear people cry in every other thread that they "have" to pay for extra things. No patching, no nerfing, no buffing. However the game is when it leaves the factory is the way it should remain until the end of time.

^^Some things do need fixing every now and then.

Sure. Bright red, olive green, and hazard yellow would be cool.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

^^Some things do need fixing every now and then.

[/quote] Yes, I agree. Glitches and exploits and that's about it really. I don't care for buff or nerfs they do in most games. All they seem to do is mess up something when doing it. BF was notorious for it. At least they haven't gotten that bad with COD. I myself don't mind paying for extras even if it doesn't affect gameplay. If anything instead of having the stupid player card editor why not just make a custom camo editor? Seems to be more logical to me, not to mention I don't think most idiots inappropriate images and words would be as noticeable on a weapon.

I personally wouldn't like to see that but I'm sure it will become something they may add in the future. If there is a possibility to make money chances are they will make it.

@aw, I agree. Nerfs and stuff are usually lame (except the odd 1887 or something). The whole "solid" colors goes against the "camo" basics. Colors really dont matter, its the "break-up" in patterns that do the "work", but this is a video game.

Black yellow do not cross tape style camo would be breezy. A platinum camo would be nice. The flag of your country or commen wealth camo (PUERTO RICO)!!! Would look amazing!!. Neon camo or glow in the dark camo lol.

Glossy would be cool. I'd buy it.