The Brady Games guide on page 262 states " Changing your systems date is a good way to get this done without waiting for months on end." I highly doubt Brady Games would tell people to do this if this was a bannable offense. They would stand to lose a lot if it was. Either way people do what you feel. Also these forums are CRAP!!!!!


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[quote user="NukaCola Man63"]Also these forums are CRAP!!!!![/quote]

why start a new thread on this when there is already one going,and if you think that of the forums,why are you here?

There are no polices against changing your internal Xbox clock to obtain an achivment. This is NOT a punishable offense. Also you catch alot more bees with honey than vinegar. FYI

The forums are crap... we are here, because this is what we are offered...


Maybe you are new here, but a few months ago the forums were different than this and they were much easier to navigate, post on, make paragraphs, etc.   When I would click my forums at the top it would bring me to all the threads I posted on if they were updated without having to favorite them.. It was just a much nicer all around place  and a lot more people used to be in the forums before they changed.

Because these forums are CRAP!!! I tried to answer in the other thread but guess what? I could not because of an error. So I started a new one to try to answer someones question. I am here because I used to come here a lot before the forums were "upgraded" to this newer version.

I agree with you FreakasaurusRex these forums were a lot better before they were changed. The change drove away a lot of good information and people. Also my other post was directed at FistswivUrToes just so everyone knows.