So im playing the story on vet, completed the mission but I missed an achievement. Will playing that level on easy again cancel out me doing it on vet so ill have to start the story all over?


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You must do those achievements that say on veteran, on veteran otherwise all others can be played on easy.

Thanks :)

The achievement like the mortars, the helicopters with the grenade robot thingie  can all be done on any level i beleve...thats how i got the rest of the acheivements like that on Black Ops and MW2.  The only Vet specific Acheivements are the ones mentioned as "On Veteran"

Thanks for adding but what im saying is if i missed the ones like the motars, will going back on easy make me have to do it ll on veteran again, im only half way through you see :)

nah, when you have the achievement, you have it - so going back wo'mt make a difference :)

I missed the motar one as well... and since i beat the game last night on vet im actually about to fire it up and jump to the missions on a lower difficulty just to make the transition to the acheivement faster