Story wasn't as bad as is made out to be?

I don't get it? If anything it was a more realistic believable scenario than cods offering? I thought the jet mission was amazing as well. Have I missed asomething as is there one particular area that people did not like?


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I am currently part of the way through both the BF3 campaign and the MW3 campaign, and both have their moments.  I think that the BF3 campaign is more 'realistic' (though neither of them is really) but part of that is due to MW3 being a sequel and having to continue an increasingly silly story.  I agree on the FA 18 mission, I loved that.

IMO sp is very underrated.

My main grip with the campaign was that there was very little game to be played among the amazing visuals... Everything had to be done exactly how DICE wanted it to be done and any slight deviation resulted in failure and mission over, almost like the whole game was a 6hr quick-time event.

I didnt care much for the BF3 campaign at all. 5 hours is way too short and it just wasnt that good.  Honestly I thought it was one of the worst BF campaigns I have played.   But still looking forward to getting the full game for christmas so I can enjoy the multiplayer.

Yep Jet mission was definitely a standout mission to me. Oh the epic tank battle too, that was great.

The jet mission where you get to sit in the back seat while the AI flies the jet on rails?  Is that sarcasm in your post?  Must be, because the SP was slightly better than getting a root canal, but without the anesthesia.

I enjoyed it.  I thought how they wove the story together was great.  Seeing how this is there 3 attempt at sp.  Really everyone should just stop.   Reveiwers at site usually cater to only what they like.  It was well done cant wait to play through again.

The Sp is ok . IMO it just doesnt do enough to keep you wanting to get to the end. The story isnt very good. Nice Visuals etc... buit not enough substance.