Story seems a bit...out of wack.

And I'm not just talking about the short gameplay spans followed by an annoying stat screen that interrupts my immersion into the game. I mean that the story its self doesn't seem to follow along with previous Gears. Lambent didn't get introduced fully until Gears 2, not counting the Wretchs half way through the first gears. Yet here, they seem to already know what the lambent are. Yet if you recall, in the first gears, Cole asked what the glowy Wretch was, and Baird explained his theory. Why ask what something is, if you've been fighting them for years already? There are also other enemies, such as Kantus, that weren't introduced until Gears 2, that we're fighting now, and it just seems really out of place. I was under the impression that things such as Tickers, Mulchers, Kantus, and other's, weren't fought until after the end of the first game. (Since they weren't shocked by them in the second, I assumed they had been fighting them sometime after the first ended, not before that.)

Theron's are another little issue.The first time you encounter them in Gears 1, Baird explains that they're elite grubs to Marcus and Dom, giving the assumption that the two have never encountered them before. And yet here they are, years earlier, in mass hordes. The likelihood of Kilo Squad encountering them in such numbers, for years, and Delta never having seen a single one of them, is 0.  So that's another little hole in the plot for me.

So far I've read the first three gears books, and the books made it seem like the Gorasni didn't join the COG until after Jacinto was sunk, and they made New Jacinto on Vectes. So if the Gorasni and COG didn't join forces till then, how come one of Kilo Squad is a Gorasni?

Maybe I'm wrong about most of this stuff, I kind of hope that I am. As much as I loved the first three gears, I'm fairly disappointed so far with the campaign in this one, and I really want to have my opinion of it reversed. But unless someone can help explain the laspes in story that I've found, I'm not sure that'll happen.


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Bulletstorm is still one of my favorite games to this day.

[quote user="Big Red Husker"]

because it was made by the people who did that terribly overated P.O.S game known as bulletstorm.  


If it is overrated, how is it a p.o.s game. Man you are ignorant. 

because it was made by the people who did that terribly overated P.O.S game known as bulletstorm.